And Associated Providers

Jackson Psychiatry Group

  Jackson Psychiatry Group and Associated Provider Clinic Policies

  • If an appointment is cancelled in under 48 hours or a patient fails to keep an appointment, the full cost of the visit will be charged to your credit card held on file.  If there is an emergency, please notify our staff as soon as possible.  While our staff will make a good faith effort to call and/or utilize text and email reminders, it is your responsibility to keep the appointments scheduled. 

  • Due to changing state and federal regulations, medication refills and/or changes can only be done during a scheduled appointment time.  Should you need a medication change outside of your appointment, requests will only be done during business hours and there may be a charge assessed and added to your account.  Please note, this office DOES NOT honor refill requests issued by a pharmacy.

  • ALL MEDICATION REQUESTS will require 3-5 business days for processing.  You should request a refill or reschedule your next appointment when you have one week of medication left. 

  • The patient will incur a fee of up to $70, payable at the time of pick up, for any lost prescriptions, or unscheduled refills.

  • If you require a 90 day supply of medication, let your provider know before your prescription is written. 

  • It is important to continue therapy and any medications your provider has prescribed for you EXACTLY as they have been prescribed.  Please do not skip doses or alter your dosage without provider instruction.  This can be dangerous with any medication. 

  • It is your responsibility to make the clinic aware of any changes in your contact information, such as phone numbers and address, as well as any insurance changes. 

  • In the event that you have three or more NO SHOWS for scheduled appointments, the clinic reserves the right to discharge you from treatment.  In this case, after the account is settled, we will forward your medical records to a provider of your choice. You will be given a 30 supply of current medication to give you time to find another provider.

  • Records requests can take 2-4 weeks to complete.  All requests require a release form signed and on file in this office before releasing records.  All requests for records will be assessed a $25 fee. 

  • Payment is due when services are rendered.  If you cannot pay your scheduled appointment copay or fees, you must reschedule your appointment. 

  • Administrative fees will be assessed for the following forms*:

Report Prep or Forms             starting at        $50
Refills outside of apt              starting at        $50
Letters                                     starting at        $25
Phone Calls                             starting at        $50
Medical Records                     starting at        $25

*If your needs do not fall into one of the aforementioned categories, there will be an hourly fee assessed for administrative work done outside of a given appointment time.